Playground Grass™

Playground Grass

Playground Grass lets your kids be kids.
Energetic, creative & imaginative kids.

Playground Grass is the surface kids love to play on.

Playground Grass’ unique blade structure resists wear up to four times that of other bran’s playground turf. It’s also tough enough to stand up to the most vigorous play sessions.

As safe as it is fun.

Our artificial grass like to play safely. Playground Grass has the recommended ASTM and IPEMA certifications. But we’re overachievers.

We exceed Head Injury Criterion (HIC) recommendations and boast the best fall safety ratings in the industry. Our Playground Grass consistently achieves the pinnacle in safety ratings. 

It passes the watermelon test.

We tested a big fall by dropping a watermelon from a ladder. On concrete,  the damage to the watermelon is predictable—and significant.

But when we dropped the watermelon on Playground Grass?  Watch the video to see what happened.

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